A number of fun and crazy things happened over the course of the two days Randall and I spent fishing with Capt. Dave Trimble of Bowman Bluewater, but this Mako was definitely the highlight not only of the trip, but possibly of a lifetime.

We estimated this shark at 11 feet and over 600 pounds. We weren't interested in killing the shark to weigh for an official record, so didn't bother with IGFA-compliant leaders, instead going with 30# class tippet and a couple feet of wire bite. After we took the chum buckets away and got him to quit chewing on the boat, it took a bit of work to get him to eat a fly, but somehow we pulled it off. The fight lasted about 40 minutes and it put a pretty healthy bend in the 16 weight before Dave clipped the wire for a clean release.

For those who have been asking, here is the list of tackle used:
Thomas & Thomas Horizon 8'6" 16 weight rod
Islander LX 4.8 reel
Scientific Anglers Mastery Wet Tip Express Tropi-Core 575
PowerPro Spectra 50# backing
30# class tippet w/ long wire bite
Red/White tandem streamer tied by Brian Mattchoss

Mako chewing the holy chum crate

Nice jump