Randall Bryett

Randall Bryett grew up on the Sunshine Coast of Australia with some the worlds best fishing around every corner. He has worked in many aspects of the fishing industry including chasing the Giant Black Marlin at the prestigious Lizard Island.  He is a avid fly fisherman who likes to find his own path. When not traveling he resides in Northern California with his wife Kate and their adopted cats.
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 Articles by this Author

Jack Erskine Passes On

Sad news for Australian fishing with the passing of Legendary angler and tackle guru Jack Erskine. He was the kind of person to share and help with even the smallest amount of information for anglers across the globe. (see this past R&R article with links to Jacks site). He will be missed by many and our thoughts are with his family this hour. Please click full story below to see Youtube video of Jack.

I recently took this photo of his induction at the IGFA Headquarters because he was a hero to me and to so many other Australian fishermen. Rest in Peace Jack.

Jack Erskine is possibly the most influential Australian ever involved in the tackle industry. For his life time of dedication to the sport he loves so dearly , he is held in high esteem by his peers, not only for his undisputed angling talents but for many contributions to the development and ever improving fishing tackle
He is one of the only Australians to be presented with the Ron Dempster Award for the contributions to the future of Sportfishing, one of the first inductees to the Cairns Black Marlin Hall of Fishing Fame in 2006 and in 2009 was inducted into the International Game Fishing Association Hall of Fame.

Oarfish found by Baja Anglers

Our friend Grant Hartman of Baja Anglers came across this Oarfish on one of his beach fishing adventures. Grant said "We came across this 18' oar fish just as it was dying. Its skin was very weird to touch bumps on it and felt like leather. The most beautiful fish I have ever seen." What a experience that must have been for his group. You can read more about Oarfish and other strandings here in a news item we published previously. Strange Oarfish or go and check out Grant's Blog Site for more.

Raul Navarrette 1971-2012

We had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with Raul Navarrette over 12 years ago when we visited Belize River Lodge . Raul was not only the Captain of the "Christina" mothership that we sailed on but also one of our favorite guides. The group of Elizabeth and Peter Van Gytenbeek with their daughter Kate who is my wife had grand adventure with him and the crew. It was a trip where I caught my first decent Atlantic tarpon and saw schools of permit I had never imagined. But what I remember vividly was being in the middle of a hot tarpon bite up a very tea stained river. We were getting takes just about every cast when Raul suddenly  snapped "be very quiet , don't move  muscle" and then we heard it too. A roaring buzzing that was getting progressively louder. Then we then saw it coming around the river bend. A huge swarm of bees following the river track. The sound crescendoed as the swarm pulsated and zoomed over our very heads while passing by. "Wow what a huge swarm of bees" I said softly and very calmly Raul replied "Killer Bees, very dangerous".... No shit I thought.
We last saw Raul at a fishing show at the Belize River Lodge booth he was excited about getting a FFF casting certification but had a flu from the cold weather. He was a really nice guy and forgave me for pronouncing his name Rule in my Aussie tongue but I think he got a laugh from it really.
Another great loss to the fly fishing world. Rest in peace brother.

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Board member Mick Kolassa is coordinating efforts to assure that his family will be taken care of.  Anyone wishing to help in this effort is urged to contact Mick at

You can read more about Raul here at Raul Navarrette

Remembering Billy Pate

April sure has been a tough month. This year my mate Jose Wejebe passed and last year our friend Billy Pate on the 18th. Please remember these fine people in your prayers. Like many of you we miss them dearly.

Randall and Kate

Isla Mujeres Sailfish in HD

What beautiful HD footage of sailfish feeding. I really like seeing the birds from under the water and the sail missing it's bill seems to be living on family handouts?

Sailfish Drama from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Sailfish Drama was captured at Isla Mujeres, Mexico in February 2010.  The footage was captured with a RED One camera, using a Tokina 10-17mm lens, in a Deep RED Gates housing.  The video was down-sampled to 720 24p from the original 4K RED files.  The music was composed by Alan Williams for the IMAX feature, Island of the Sharks, which I directed in 1998.  Howard Hall

Billy Pate dead at age 81

On April 18th, Billy Pate one of the pioneers of fishing travel and big game saltwater fly fishing died at the age of 81.  Billy was always willing to impart his knowledge of fishing to those whom asked and he also was a very kind and generous soul.  If you fished with Billy you found out that he was an angler with the passion and intensity that you would expect from a professional. He was very athletic and lived his life to its fullest potential while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have a few Billy stories and moments that I was lucky enough to share with him but above all else he treated me with kindness and respect and I feel lucky to have known him. Actually without Billy my life would be totally different and not as rich.

I have linked an article published here some time ago with Billy's own bio   BILLY PATE

The document was given to me by Billy. He had some suggestions for changing the outdated IGFA rules for flyfishing that pre-dated modern tackle technology and targeting of species previously not considered fly rod targets. FLY TACKLE RULE CHANGES

Also linked here is a video of Billy and his ex wife Jodie catching a sailfish of Australia's Sunshine Coast  YOUTUBE VIDEO

Mako Eats Striped Marlin in Australia

Al Mc Glashan and his crew had an great encounter with a Giant Mako Shark as it attacked their catch. Whilst trying to release a Striped Marlin off Port Stephens Australia the majestic marlin was chewed on by the hungry Mako. View the picture gallery by clicking the photo below.

Quick 275lb Yellowfin

This is one of those must see videos.

Big Yellowfin Tuna on bamboo - Ascension Island 2010 from Morten Svendsen on Vimeo.

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