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We launched into part two of our fishing adventure with a flight from Cairns to the exclusive national park and resort of Lizard Island. Hinterland Aviation handles many flights between various Barrier Reef Island destinations with their fleet of  6 - 20 seat planes. The flight itself is a treat especially for those who may have no experience with the astounding beauty and size of the Barrier Reef. The low flying 14 seater gave us spectacular views on the hour long flight to "The Rock" as it is known to the lucky few who frequent Lizard. Our plane lined up on the single landing strip and winging over the luminescent crescent bay dotted with luxury yachts we dropped between the two peaks and onto the island's windswept tarmac.

The One! Two! Tropical Northern Queensland Punch

Part One

As the big silver cat thrummed through the waters of Cape York Gulf toward Seisia, I reviewed the past week's myriad fishing opportunities presented by Carpentaria Seafaris. CS has been in operation for almost two decades. The brainchild of Captain Greg Bethune, these week-long mothership-based trips allow intrepid anglers to access numerous river systems flowing east to west into the Gulf of Carpentaria. So it was here on the bow, traveling toward the Aboriginal community which serves as the home wharf for our mothership, Tropic Paradise,  that I had some quiet moments to gather up all my impressions from the adventure.

It is with great pleasure I am able to share the following wonderful news with all of you. My father, Peter Van Gytenbeek, has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Federation of Fly Fishers. This promises to be a match made in heaven´┐Ż. Not only does Pete's background read as though someone planned his career path for this job, but his extraordinary love and commitment to fishing and the environment makes this a dream job for him. (Complete bio and history by clicking read more)

Needle Scar

On a recent fly fishing trip to the Baja of California I observed an event meaningless to some in the big scheme of the world, yet spoke volumes to me. On a glorious morning my husband and I were bobbing around on the indigo Sea of Cortez in a small, white open fishing boat with our Mexican captain Jose. The warm salt tinged air stirred the Doritos bag into a little dance in the bottom of the boat. Great whacking splashes of leaping manta rays (always behind your back), distant breaking waves and the cries of sea birds were the only other sounds in the world next to the methodical singing of the fly line back and forth, back and forth.

Hotel Finisterra

Truly our favorite hotel in Cabo for many reasons, the Finisterra Hotel is beautiful and perfectly located for tourists who plan to fish.


San Jose Del Cabo / Airport Service

Hotel Punta Colorada

Hotel Punta Colorada
US booking office 800-368-4334 same as Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Rancho Leonero

Rancho Leonero
US booking office 800-646-2252

Hotel Palmas de Cortez

Hotel Palmas De Cortez
US booking office 800-368-4334
Hotel front desk 011-52-624-141-02-14

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