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    Oarfish found by Baja Anglers

    Our friend Grant Hartman of Baja Anglers came across this Oarfish on one of his beach fishing adventures. Grant said "We came across this 18' oar fish just as it was dying. Its skin was very weird to touch bumps on it and felt like leather. The most beautiful fish I have ever seen." What a experience that must have been for his group. You can read more about Oarfish and other strandings here in a news item we published previously. Strange Oarfish or go and check out Grant's Blog Site for more.

    Mako Eats Striped Marlin in Australia

    Al Mc Glashan and his crew had an great encounter with a Giant Mako Shark as it attacked their catch. Whilst trying to release a Striped Marlin off Port Stephens Australia the majestic marlin was chewed on by the hungry Mako. View the picture gallery by clicking the photo below.

    Peter Morse or "Morsie" whom we have seen on River and Reef before (use our search function)  recently sent me some information on his current world record application. He captured a Southern Bluefin Tuna (thunnua maccoyi) on 10kg /20lb tippet at Pedra Branca 40 kilometers South of Tasmania in late April. Peter said the fish "went 25kg on the dot" and for our USA readers that is fifty-five pounds. It took Morsie 40 minutes to subdue the fish and beat the current record of Alex Langley's fish that was 16.2 kg. Alex caught his fish at Tasman Island in May 2002.  Peter summed up his trip and capture by saying "If nothing else, apart from a great experience down there in the southern ocean in a 7 metre tinny, it was bloody good eating". A tinny is what Australians call an aluminium boat.
    The all tackle record for this species is a whopping 158kg or 348 lb so there is room to move for those wanting to fish the wild Southern Oceans.
    Peter Morse can be contacted at his site here

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    Last Cast Cabo

    My left arm and hand were beginning to cramp and I thought to myself, "Wow,  this fish is kicking my butt!! Why in the hell did I take the last year off from the gym? How much longer is this going to take?" These types of whining thoughts were not the norm for me, particularly not when chasing a first of a species on fly, but this Striped Marlin now duking it out with me was another in string of fish that I may just lose.

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    Pending World Record Mutton Snapper

    A new pending record for Mutton Snapper may have been set on June 24th in Cozumel by local resident Nassim Joaquin. The fish of 11lb was weighed and released by Nassim following the  International Game Fish Assocation rules. This was Nassim's first time doing a live release for a world record application. If the submission is accepted by the IGFA this fish beats the current record of 8lb which is also held by Joaquin. 

    More Batfish Man

    Had a few emails with our man in Cape York this week. Al sent us some pictures and now a short report to follow up on his Batfish on fly story. Read the whole story to see the photos and report.
    Below is Al's latest Batfish on fly

    Holy Crap Batman

    “Come on Phil hurry up and finish that cup of coffee. I need some berley out back here". The hulking skipper of “Tropic Paradise” downed what was remaining in his coffee cup and then sauntered his way into the toilet do his usual morning business and provide me with a chum trail. Yes you read this right. I was standing on the back deck enjoying the coolness of the morning before the fierce Australian sun would rise above the mangroves and be upon us. Ronald the fourteen foot crocodile swam leisurely by on his way out to sea as he does every morning. Queenfish and small trevally were busting baitfish along the edges of the beach. The massive Queensland Groupers that hang at the back of the boat were eyeing me like dogs waiting for a free meal. Right at this moment I heard the toilet flush and a couple of clients came out of the galley to see what I was up too on the back deck.

    Fly fishing for Largemouth Bass in the winter months is both challenging and rewarding. This article sheds a little light on the subject and will hopefully motivate you into getting out into the cold to try this challenge for yourself.

    Permit the Name Debate

    Greg Bethune has just forwarded us a PPDF which lays out on the table what he knows about the two species of Permit in Australian Waters. Greg and guide Al are sending both species to the Queensland Museum for confirmation by the curator of fishes. You can read Greg's  Permit PDF where the differences between Trachinotus anak & Trachinotus blochii is discussed. Below a (T anak) Indo Pacific Permit taken on a Seafaris Cape York trip. See more pictures click Full Story.

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