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    Permit Waste

    Disgusting waste of Permit on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia. Commercial netters have been pictured catching a large school of Permit from the Noosa North shore 4 days ago. Legal the fisherman say but just how moral is it ? Well we all know as fly fisherman and anglers it is not at all very smart to kill all those fish for $2 a kilo when we know how much money fisherman pay to try and catch one of these fish on a line! A few articles are starting to appear as the news spreads. We will post the photos here and all the links we can to where the story shows up. The Queensland government and even the federal government need to act on netting in Australia waters. Time for change.
    All the photos and links by clicking Full Story below.

    Blue Rage Against the Machine

    The bluefin tuna is speeding towards extinction and Sea Shepherd is going to do everything in our power to put the brakes on it!
    We are sending our flagship vessel Steve Irwin to the Mediterranean this summer where we will stand against the illegal overfishing of bluefin tuna. We will do everything possible within the boundaries of international law to protect the magnificent bluefin.

    View the website and get all the facts and video of the crew cutting and releasing 800 tuna from nets

    Read all there is to know about the fishery. Includes inforamtion on tuna life cycle and other fisheries such as broadbill. Many pictures that will make you angry!

    Help the Sea Shepard Society now!

    I need to feed you guys



    Feb. 7, 2007  Americans ate 16.2 pounds of fish and shellfish per person in 2005, a two percent decrease from the 2004 consumption figure of 16.6 pounds. Despite the decline in consumption, consumer expenditures for seafood products increased by $3.3 billion, representing a five percent increase for a total of $65.2 billion. The commercial marine fishing industry contributed $32.9 billion to the U.S. Gross National Product in 2005, up from $31.6 billion in 2004.

    'Guilt Free' Fish Farming?

    An article was published today in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about offshore fish farming in Hawaii. The Almaco Jack, known as kahala in Hawaii is supposedly the newest aquaculture miracle and is being branded as Kona Kampachi. The downside is each farmed Almaco Jack will still devour several times its own body weight in wild-fish ground into meal. Guilt-free fish or another public distraction to the problems facing the world's oceans?

    Fraser Island Green Zones

    Here is a quickie while we are on the subject Hervey Bay! Check out Flyfishing in Saltwaters Magazine's Salt Spray section for a article re Fraser Island Green Zones. If you feel you can help by writing to the Queensland Government it would be appreciated FFISW May-June 2005 Issue

    Tarpon Tourney Decides AGAINST C&R

    94% of sport killed tarpon in Florida are killed during this single tournament, yet the organizers have abandoned their plans to convert it to a C&R format.

    From the St. Petersburg Times:
    "ST. PETERSBURG - The Suncoast Tarpon Roundup, which last year accounted for 94 percent of the tarpon reported killed in Florida, has abandoned plans to move to an all-release format and will continue to kill tarpon when it starts May 21."
    VANCOUVER - A federal government decision to open the lower Fraser River to commercial salmon fishing today has raised concerns about an endangered run of steelhead, world renowned among anglers.

    Help the Sea of Cortez

    Some disturbing information on the Sea of Cortez and other oceans are revealed at PLEASE view the links to the online presentation and equally distressful animation on Japanese longline catch ratios. If you look around this site you will find plenty of big fish photos caught by pros that will make you sick! To link to the homepage click the Seawatch logo below.
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