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    After 8 years of targeting an Atlantic sailfish on fly record, angler Nassim Joaquin has found his magic number. Fishing with Captain Anthony Mendillio and mate Ruben Pena aboard the 48 ft Cabo " Chachalaca" , Joaquin caught and released 12 fish in one day and a total of 18 during a two day period.
    On the first day Nassim caught six fish. just one shy of his own personal record of 7. " We tried to the raise the bar and were almost there but the weather was against us"  he said.  After that day the team knew they were seeing a great bite and tons of bait to hold the sailfish. Still, nothing prepared Nassim for what he would see the next day.
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    Good mate Nassim Joaquin has reportedly caught 12 Atlantic sailfish on fly in one day (Feb 1st 2010) fishing with Captain Anthony Mendillo  at Isla Mujeres. This breaks a record held by Joe Zimmerman whom caught 10 in a day   some years ago.
    "Joe Zimmer of Berlin, Maryland, broke the one-day record for Atlantic sailfish on the fly earlier this year. Fishing out of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, aboard the Prime Time, Zimmer was led by Captain Butch Cox to ten Atlantic sailfish on 20-pound tippet and abided by IGFA fly-fishing rules for billfish."

    Nassim has been trying to get this record and his best day before his record breaking day was seven fish. There have been reports at these links Saltwatersportsman & in regard to this news and I will post more here once Nassim gives us the full story. Congratulations Nassim !

    Nassim in action 2008

    Tournament sponsors, Flyfishing in Saltwaters Magazine reports in this issue Jan/Feb :

    Team "Fair-Dinkum" Randall Bryett , Brendon Mason and Sascha Trimble (whom was 4 months pregnant) caught five mako sharks Sept 26 to win the inaugural fly Mako tournament in San Diego, California.
    Fishing with Capt Dave Trimble of, the team edged out Bill Lucoff,who caught two makos with Capt John Hendrickson, while Randy West and John Nakano finished third with a single blue shark on fly.
    Six teams signed up for the first annual Flying Mako tournament. Three teams caught and released fish, while the others returned to the dock with many stories to tell and justifications for their tough day on the water!

    The tournament's focus is sustainability, conservation and sound management of mako sharks, and tournament coordinators Conway Bowman and Bob Deibel announced that over $2500 was donated to the Pleger Institute of Enviromental Research (PIER) , St Jude Childresn's Research Hostipal and Colorado's Casting for Recovery.
    The second annual flying Mako tournament wil be a two day event on Aug 4-5 , 2010. For more information visit and

    L-R Conway Bowman, Dave Trimble and Jnr, Sascha Trimble, Brendan Mason,  Randall Bryett, Bob Deibel

    See more photos in full article click below

    Wild Fires in Australia

    A moment to recognize all those who suffer because of the fires in Australia.

    As a flyfisherman, contributor and fire investigator by trade, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the horrific fires that are raging in Australia. Over the past couple years I have been fortunate enough to develop friendships with some Aussies like Randall and the boys at Carpenteria Seafaris and wanted to let them and all Australians know our thoughts and prayers are with you.


    Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Fly Fishing Entertainment Hits Big Screens Across the Nation

    The Angling Exploration Group, a media production company specializing in adventure fly fishing entertainment, recently announced an updated film and venue list for their upcoming film tour. The tour will visit over thirty cities nation-wide and kicks off January 12th, 2007 at the Patagonia World Headquarters in Ventura, California.

    Cairns Hall of Fame

    Received this email the other day announcing the induction of five Australians into "The Cairns Black Marlin Hall of Fame" something a little new and very much needed to presevre Australian fishing history. These guys influence extends a long way past Cairns and Heavy Tackle Gamefishing and it definitely delves into the realm of Saltwater Fly!
    The Committee of the Cairns Black Marlin 40th Anniversary celebrations
    is proud to announce the names of the five recipients of the 2006 inaugural Cairns Black Marlin Hall of Fame awards and to provide a brief profile of each finalist.

    Spanish Fly in Australia

    See episode outline and pictures by clicking the headline.

    Jose joins friends Randall Bryett and Scott Bannerot in Australia for some coral lagoon fishing off Ken Reef. Expect a little "skivie" action as sometimes fish head back into their coral homes........ they only way to get them out is by getting wet!!..... Airing Sunday at 9:30AM eastern on ESPN2!!!

    Be sure to visit our website at Spanish Fly for updated episode info, videos, and more!

    Captain Jose Wejebe

    Peter Morse USA Visit & Seattle Appearance

    Peter Morse will be making a visit to the United States in May. As a guest of Sage, he will be touring their factory on Bainbridge Island, Washington before flying to Florida to fish for tarpon in the Keys and Homosassa. Most importantly, Peter will be making an appearance at the Sage factory to present a slideshow and talk about fishing opportunities in Australia to a group of professional guides.

    Wild Trout 8 The 30th Anniversary

    30 years ago TU, the US Dept of Fish and Wildlife, other conservation organizations and individuals with deep concern for trout and their enviroments gathered in Yellowstone Park to discuss issues. The International Wild Trout Symposium was born.
    This year sees Wild Trout 8 and although many are missing from the original gathering the passion and drive remains the same. The A.Starker Leopold award is a classic example of how this passion lives on. Marty Seldon a former awardee of the Leopold has penned a very interesting piece on the history of the symposium.


    Its on again folks!! You meet all sorts of good people in Mexico and one we have become friends with during the last five years is Dan Dryer of Baja-Anglers. Dan rang me this morning to remind me of the upcoming tournament that he organizes in Cabo San Lucas. Its a interesting concept tournament that alots double points to fly anglers! Please check out the following release and information>>
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