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    October - Arguably The Best!

    October is my favorite month for trout and salmon fishing. Salmon are in the coastal rivers, brown trout are spawning in creeks, and members of the char family, such as brook and bull trout, display their most fiery colors of the year.

    Fishing is "The Stranger"

    While this is not exactly Fly Fishing related it is local news around our hometown of Seattle. There is a local weekly free newspaper here called"The Stranger" Basically it is alternative in its makeup and features events, gig guides, artsy fartsy information and serves the sex industry with a outlet for advertising. With a very diverse range of people (from "mmmm weird" to extreme "freak") in Seattle's population it maybe should have been of no surprise to see a picture of a hot blond girl holding a steelhead, wearing only bikini and waders on the front cover!!!! Actually I was shocked when I walked past the paper stand on the corner and did the double take nearly tweaking my neck. Not because it had a provocative photo but because it had fishing on the front page. Shame it was gear fishing and shows a some what lifeless looking fish (Shimano must be rubbing their hands together for the free ad).

    Shell Oil using Marlin in Advertisement

    A new series of ads from the Shell Oil Company that are promoting their V POWER product feature underwater animation. Maybe they are riding some of the left over East Coast Current from Disney's FINDING NEMO movie to make the product appear clean. However what caught my attention was the Striped Marlin chasing the fish through the underwater reef system. I sent a email to Shell whom responded with the links to the story board layout and media link so you can see for yourself. No response from Shell as to why they used marlin and fish in general for this advertisment Just interesting I thought?

    Bait Balls

    Have a look at the new Johnnie Walker ad that features a classic Baja Bait Ball and human dolphins. 18years or older for Australians 21 years or older for US residents to view. Will require Quicktime.

    Fish Farts

    While back in Australia I found an article in the paper without a author nor credit. It was big news back in November and this story spread like wildfire across the wires. I 've done some digging around and still dont know if this is all just hot air or fact. Do fish fart?

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