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    A new Cape York article has been published in Destination Fish Magazine and is on the shelves right now. Stunning photography by Captain Al Simson and words and story by Kate Vangytenbeek. This tells the Cape York Seafaris mothership  story in a nutshell! Click Visit Site below to got Destination Fish home page

    Fishing Knots: Proven to Work for Light Tackle and Fly Fishing with DVD

    A new book of fishing knots by Lefty Kreh has hit the shelves. This one contains a DVD to make it simple. It is published by  Stackpole Books.

    Fishing Knots: Proven to Work for Light Tackle and Fly Fishing with DVD

    Destination Fish

    A new fishing magazine has hit the shelves and has made a bit of a splash in the big pond of the publishing world. With the recent demise of Saltwater Flyfishing Magazine and maybe soon others that are not holding up to well against the internet age it is good to see a new publication featuring some fly fishing. Destination Fish  is a high quality glossy magazine that is as it claims to be, a travel based fishing magazine. This is a perfect fit for River and Reef readers whom are in general  anglers who search the planet for the perfect fishing opportunities.  In the two issues I have seen this magazine is going places (sorry) and with a advisory board consisting of Stu Apte, Flip Pallot, Lefty Kreh, Al Pflueger jr,  Mark Sosin,  Pete Van Gytenbeek,  Joan Wulff, Bob Stearns,  Marsha  Bierman, Chico Fernandez and Billy Pate the fly fishing content should be pretty damn good! Doug Kelly is the Editor in Chief, his name will be recognizable from other magazine titles and the Founder /Publisher is Captain Mike Genoun who you will know from his other publication Florida Sportfishing
    This magazine is published 4 times a year and is available by subscription and on newstands across America or you can subscribe here. Destination Fish

    Fish & Fly Magazine

    Okay I cannot let this slide by without giving it a plug! River and Reef editor Brendan Mason has a full feature article in this issue of Fish & Fly Magazine We have not seen the article as yet but have already heard that it is a ripper!
    "Coral Sea Odyssey" by Brendan Mason. Go past the point of no return, into the coral atolls and delicate reefs of Australia's Coral Sea. Then, stalk the electric bluefin trevally among the ruins of Japanese shipwrecks as the midday sun beats down overhead.
    Update here is the link  Fish & Fly Magazine Article Preview

    Feder Pesca

    Well Brendan and I have finally made it internationally ! Okay in Spain in the Spanish Fishing Magazine "Feder Pesca" (must say fish in there somewhere). Gema Herrero contacted us and asked if he could use some photos he saw here on RiverandReef .com . We said sure just send us a copy or two and we will be square. I can not read much but the photo spreads in this all round fishing magazine are sweet . Included in the magazine are fly tying pieces and conventional how to's. If you can read Spanish please check out .

    You can also see the photos and articles by clicking the headline here. Brendan actually has a nice two page spread photo of the Rooster's Comb in the article which he may post here.

    Memory Rising

    Memory Rising
    Hatches , Waters and Trout

    By Charles R Meck
    Illustrations by Robert Clement Kray
    Bonansa Press

    Trout of the World

    Trout of the World
    By James Prosek

    Art of Angling Journal

    We were recently sent a copy of the "Art of Angling Journal" as part of a drive for advertisers I would imagine. After having a read through this magazine and the inserted advertising information we thought why not review it.


    By Randall Kauffman

    Photos By Brian O'Keefe
    Illustrations by Mike Stidham

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