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    Troutband - Love For A Dollar

    With a name like Troutband, one might expect an album full of corny fishing tunes, the likes of which might be found playing during the opening credits of a Saturday morning tv fishing show. That is, unless you know that one of the minds behind Troutband is that of James Prosek, the "Trout" man himself.

    FlySim Fly Fishing Simulator

    I guess fishing folks of any style who own a computer or Playstation have tried some of the fishing games available on the market. My other guess is that those people also found that the games were pretty lame. Further more, the offerings available usually contained reference to "Lunkers" and "Hawgs" - if you market that type of fishing to the average flyfisherman you might as well label it
    Warning Danger: Possible Adverse Affects to your Mental Stability.

    Pacsafe Products

    If you travel frequently, or even not so frequently, you should be concerned about the security of your luggage and belongings. Theft from hotel rooms, airports, train stations, and other public places is all to common. Fortunately, the people at Pacsafe have come up with some spectacular products to help minimize the risks you encounter when you travel.

    The Gummy Minnow

    There may be plenty of debate over whether Blane Chocklett’s Gummy Minnow is a fly or not. But there is little doubt that the Gummy Minnow is one of the hottest selling patterns around. Even at $5 a pop, these soft silicon baitfish are flying out of fly shops everywhere where baitfish are eaten by bigger fish.

    Fishing Music

    With a varied taste in music ranging from Sinatra & Elvis to KISS I have no problem expressing my opinion when it comes to music. This Christmas I received a CD from my brother in law in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Richard a very keen fisherman and former guide (raised by trout not parents like his sister) gave me a copy of "Fishing Music" a 16 track album produced by Ben Winship and David Thompson in Idaho under the branding of Snake River Records.

    Loon Travel Wader Bag

    Most of us spend a fair amount of time travelling to fish, since few are lucky enough to live on their home water. Travelling fly fishing isn't just about aircraft, 99% of our excursions would involve a road trip. Usually, it means a pile of fishing gear in the back of your vehicle, perhaps if your particularly organised a plastic bin or duffel. But Loon Outdoors have now released the perfect road trip bag in their Loon Travel Wader Bag.

    Waterworks Stripper Glove

    Anyone who makes a habit of fighting big fish that make long, fast, blistering runs will appreciate this product. Actually, you won't just appreciate it, you'll swear by it!


    San Jose Del Cabo / Airport Service

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