Islander LX 4.8M Fly Reel

    On the recent trip to Baja, I brought a new Islander LX 4.8M to use as my primary reel. We planned to do a variety of fishing, so versatility was important. Islander has always been known for their attention to detail and exquisite finish work and the LX 4.8M proved to be no exception.

    Lamson Velocity Open Back V2

    Smooth is the word that comes to mind. Pretty is another word I hadnít thought Iíd ever use on a reel but the Lamson Velocity Open Back is all that. Elegant would be another way of describing the companyís new smoke finish on these reels too. So much so I have actually been looking at a new rod just to show off the color. The brown tones of my old Sage DS2 just donít quite work.

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