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    Isla Mujeres Sailfish in HD

    What beautiful HD footage of sailfish feeding. I really like seeing the birds from under the water and the sail missing it's bill seems to be living on family handouts?

    Sailfish Drama from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

    Sailfish Drama was captured at Isla Mujeres, Mexico in February 2010.  The footage was captured with a RED One camera, using a Tokina 10-17mm lens, in a Deep RED Gates housing.  The video was down-sampled to 720 24p from the original 4K RED files.  The music was composed by Alan Williams for the IMAX feature, Island of the Sharks, which I directed in 1998.  Howard Hall

    Quick 275lb Yellowfin

    This is one of those must see videos.

    Big Yellowfin Tuna on bamboo - Ascension Island 2010 from Morten Svendsen on Vimeo.

    Great White On Fly

    Capt. Dave Trimble hands his client a Sage Xi3 rod with a Galvan T10 reel to hook what was thought to be a mako shark... When the shark was brought boat side he realized it was a baby great white!

    Dave Trimble

    "Today I fished with the Fell family from London, England. David brought his sons Somerset and Wyatt. The morning overcast gave us poor visibility. The first shark we teased ate the fly rather quickly. As we fought it to the side of the boat we realized it was a small white shark 70-80 lbs. The fish was released immediately unharmed."


    Fly Fish Cozumel

    Just finished a new home video Fly Fish Cozumel.  Lots of tailing Bonefish footage in this one throughout the whole 15 minutes. You will be shocked to see how close these fish work the shallow shoreline in the Cozumel lagoons. Hope you enjoy the flick and music. Click picture to open up new window for viewing. If you have trouble in your browser see it here http://flyfishcozumel.com/flyfishcozumel/Fishing.html  or watch the shorter 10 min youtube clip below.

    Mako Eats Swordfish off Cozumel Coast

    There looks to be shoulders on this Mako check out the fin at the start of video. Thanks to Nassim for sharing this link.

    Book me a ticket!

    Underwater Sailfish Action from Isla Mujeres

    Currents of Belize

    Award-winning filmmaker Bradley Beesley follows Abbie and Lincoln as they navigate the tension between the country's commitments to protecting its natural resources versus protecting its human resources. Will condos, golf carts and foreign money force the soul of a country that lives and dies by the water into submission? Time will tell.

    Currents of Belize from McJ Digital on Vimeo.

    Striped Marlin on Fly Video

    Want to make underwater videos yourself go to the official store here Official GoPro® Store
    Fly fishing for permit, snook, bonefish and tarpon at Cozumel and Isla Blanca on the Yucatan Peninsular , Mexico. This trip was celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary and of course we did what we love to do, fly fish! This footage was shot exclusively with GoPro.comcameras and a modified REI hiking stick.

    Mako Sharks and GoPro Cameras

    Mako sharks on a fly rod! 3 days of summer in July fishing the waters off San Diego for sharks with http://www.ontheflyfishingcharter.com This footage was shot exclusively with GoPro.comCameras and a modified REI hiking stick.

    Buy GoPro HERO Camera at GoPro.com

    Direct youtube link.

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